Bubble & Squeak Kids' Kitchen

Here at Bubble and Squeak, we have a passion for cooking! We aim to share this passion with children, teaching them important skills to carry with them into adulthood.

I hope everyone has had a lovely summer!

It’s been a busy one at Bubble&Squeak HQ. I held summer workshops (which were fab!) and have carried out lots of preparation for future classes.

I have lots of ideas in the pipeline. I have cupcake and cookie baking boxes on my etsy page www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BubbleandSqueakBake and have plans for Halloween and Christmas ones.

I’m still working on party packages – let me know if you’d be interested in a baking party and we can have a chat about the sort of thing you would like.

Starting this month I have after school clubs and further Baking Buddies classes. I cannot wait to get started!

Ruth x - Owner of Bubble and Squeak

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Baking Buddies

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