About me

My name is Ruth, the owner of Bubble and Squeak. My professional background is in primary teaching, which I did for 15 years, before leaving in 2021 to concentrate on my business. I am also a mum of three small children. Having a family meant a change of lifestyle was needed and I wanted to start doing something I’m passionate about – cooking! I gained my level 2 in food safety and hygiene and set about creating Bubble and Squeak.

My own children love cooking and we can often be found in the kitchen baking yummy treats to eat. One of my children is a very picky eater so I try to be creative in the things we cook and try to involve him in the creative process.

There are so many benefits to being in the kitchen; children can learn so many skills that they will carry into adulthood. At Bubble and Squeak, our mission is to teach children a range of kitchen skills whilst they learn about nutrition and making healthy choices. These skills include measuring ingredients, knife safety, hygiene and kneading, to name a few. These activities can also help develop their fine motor skills and develop language skills. In addition to this, hopefully we will also introduce children to foods they might not have tried before. We do this in a fun and safe environment and at the end of each session they will take away something delicious to try.

*We can offer recipes that are gluten or dairy free if required and all of our recipes are nut free.

Ruth Brace